Another delay story?

Peter Q. George
Tue Oct 10 07:14:57 EDT 2006

More than likely, Comcast is receiving the HD signal
of WHDH now (and all of Boston's TV stations).  If
you're using a (hybrid) digital box, tack on a few
more seconds of delay as well. I've noticed the delay
factor between the over-the-air signal of Boston's TV
stations and what Comcast provides, myself.  

"Progress"... takes time, literally.

According to "reliable sources", Comcast will
eventually shutdown the analog tier within the next
few years, requiring everyone to use the digital box.
The "cable ready" TV will be (in essence) useless,
without a box. 

--- "A. Joseph Ross" <> wrote:

> I've been using a small TV in my study, getting the
> Channel 7 news 
> off the air, but I left the TV on in another room,
> tuned to Channel 7 
> on cable.  And I discovered that Comcast has a delay
> of about 7 
> seconds from the off-air signal.  I understand
> stations having a 
> delay for live programming, in order to protect
> themselves against 
> Janet Jackson's breast, but why does Comcast have a
> delay from air 
> signals?
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