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>Date: Fri, 6 Oct 2006 14:49:15 -0400 In any event, if you find WKOX's current signal listenable for
>only a short distance past Worcester (I find it pretty good all the way to
>the Connecticut border on I-84), the new, "stronger" signal will become
>unsatisfactory to you near the west side of Framingham.

In this particulat case, I wasn't doing any radio-geekery, that is trying to
hold a station to see how far it would go;  I was actively listening to 
Stephanie Miller and wanted to continue to do so.  I knew AM 1600 in
suburban Springfield was carrying it and when I flipped to 1600 I
expected a battle between it and WUNR, but was surprised to get the
station I wanted quite clearly.  In the past I never had any reason to
sample AM 1600 out of Longmeadow, so I had no idea what I'd find.
It does indicate that even during the day, WUNR's signal WNW is no great shakes,
which backs up your previous assertion that the Samill Brook location
isn't exceptional, even though those towers APPEAR efficient for a
1600 khz operation.  

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