And from Cape Cod.....

Dan Strassberg
Wed Oct 4 14:03:20 EDT 2006

The calls may have been WMRE, but the "standards" (a simply abysmal
selection of music from that era, but few cuts that were even decent) were
LONG gone by the time the station went dark. If the WMRE incarnation of 1510
had anything that could be described as a heyday, it was several years
earlier when both Norm Natian and Bill Marlowe were doing music shows.
Unhapplily, they were handicapped by being forced by the GM to use that
horrendous music library. The era was OK; the music was not! Later on, right
before the station went dark, Hersey co-hosted AM drive with Hilary Stevens.
It was a talk--or maybe news/talk--format by then. I don't recall who else
was doing programs, but I don't think there was any music. It was (I think)
November 1986 when the station went dark and late August of 1987 when it
returned to the air.

I'd be quite surprised if Hersey's interest in buying the station had much,
if anything, to do with ensuring his salary. I think he is independently
wealthy and he regarded the station as a potentially interesting business
venture with a possibility of making a decent profit. But when he and the
other potential investors looked into the real costs of buying and running
the station, their interest quickly cooled.

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> Dan Strassberg <> wrote:
> > I believe that before the station went dark (IIRC, the calls were
> > WITS at
> > the time, but I could be wrong), one of the air personalities, Dana
> > Hersey,
> > was considering buying it out of bankruptcy. He may personally have
> > had the
> > dough, but he (wisely) was going to do it with other people's money.
> > The way
> > I heard the story, he ran out of other people.
> You're more likely referring to the mid-'80s, at which time the station
> was WMRE and playing (I believe) standards. IIRC, Hersey's motivation
> to buy the station was partly out of self-interest -- he was the
> morning drive DJ.
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