WITS/Red Sox (was: And from Cape Cod.....)

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The story I heard is that a top Sox exec lived in Westwood and the night
signal there didn't please him. According to V-Soft, WWZN's night signal in
the 02090 ZIP code is 4.2 mV/m, which sounds high to me. I had thought that
1510 was inaudible there at night for anyone other than DXers. However, I
suppose that between WTWP and WWKB (literally), a 4.2 mV/m signal could be
essentially unlistenable. The strongest AM signal in Westwood is WEEI (170
mV/m at night; that's 10 times WBZ's signal and 40 times 1510's). WAMG does
very well there too; 45 mV/m days/21 mV/m nights. (WAMG's NIF--nighttime
interference-free--value is 12.5 mV/m, so a substantial part, and maybe all
of Westwood gets an NIF signal from 890). WRKO's numbers are 12 days/13
nights. Back in 1981, the contribution of first adjacents was not included
in the NIF-coverage calculation, so back then, 1510's night signal, which
doesn't get a lot of co-channel interference, might have looked a lot better
on paper in Westwood than it sounded.

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> >>I seem to remember reading something about the station having
> contracted to carry Red Sox games, and part of the contract required
> them to have their studios in a location near Fenway Park, all at
> some expense, and then the Red Sox switched to another station.<<
> There was another clause in the Red Sox contract with WITS, giving the
station a clearly defined amount of time to improve their signal.  I believe
this is when the transmitter site was moved from Quincy to its present
location.  Problem is, it didn't improve the signal to the Sox management's
satisfaction, so they moved to another station when the contract was up.
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