Indecipherable Football Game On WBOQ

Roger Kolakowski
Sun Oct 1 16:30:25 EDT 2006

I listened in with my PCR-1000 which includes a rudimentary "scope" but by
half-time they were acknowledging the problem and doing something different
for the second half.

The second half they had no crowd noise, no wind noise, and none of the flip
quips a broadcast team develops while standing in a cold booth at a high
school game. It almost sounded like it was being viewed on camera and the
action was being described.

I would like to see more "color" and player knowledge in the broadcasts, but
it's understandable that the Red Sox have used up the opportunities to fine
tune the football broadcasts.

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> >I once worked at a station where the PBP guy (in this case it was
> >high school basketball) was deaf as a stump & cranked the output of
> >the mixer at the gym to the max so he could hear himself. Of
> >course, he was also overdriving the Marti or phone hybrid by doing
> >so. Maybe that's what was happening here.
> I thought I posted it early enough for others to catch and analyze.
> I'll be away next weekend or I'd definitely check to see if this
> was a one-time incident or is a problem with WBOQ's remote gear.
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