Donna Was On WBZ Last night

Donna Halper
Sun Oct 1 13:31:24 EDT 2006

At 01:09 PM 10/1/2006, Laurence Glavin wrote:
>Donna Halper was the guest on Jordan Rich's midnight-to-5:00-am WBZ 
>show last night
>(or this morning to be technical).  Her favorite phrase?  "Don't get 
>me started..."

I just hope I made some sense-- I have had a nasty case of 
bronchitis, and was concerned that my voice wouldn't hold out...  But 
it was fun to talk a little radio history.  I would have told 
everyone on the list except that just seems so egocentric and 
self-promoting... didn't want to seem like a jerk (any more so than usual!!!).  

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