Bye Bye Boston's Progressive Talk?

Dan Strassberg
Thu Nov 30 23:16:27 EST 2006

After the upgrade, WKOX will obviously have the best daytime signal of the
three triplexed stations (most power, lowest frequency, least directional).
At night, though, WKOX will have a much higher NIF than WUNR (something like
13.5 mV/m for WKOX vs 5 and change for WUNR). I'm not sure about WRCA, but I
doubt that its NIF is/will be as high as 13.5 mV/m. Once upon a time--before
1330 in New York changed transmitter sites and night patterns--what is now
WRCA must have had an NIF in the 40s. WPOW (and later also share-time
partner, the old WEVD 1330--after it moved to the WPOW site) sent a HUGE
night signal directly toward Boston. Anyhow, I think the owners will be
unpleasantly surprised with the result of the "upgrade" for which they
fought so long and spent so much. WUNR already has a very mediocre signal in
the close-in northwestern suburbs, where I live. That will be cut back
somewhat to comply with the FCC's "ratchet rule." (Rather ironically, WUNR
must protect 1590 in Nashua, which barely exists anymore.) WRCA, which
currently has a dynamite signal here, will see that signal cut WAY back. Of
course, these stations' target audiences are not in Arlington, Lexington, or
Winchester. The places where the signals will be strong are in Brookline,
Jamaica Plain, Roxbury, and Dorchester. Maybe those are the places that
count in the brokered-time world. But, for WRCA in particular, a signal that
currently can be called "full market," won't be after it "upgrades."


Dan Strassberg
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> > Long-term,
> >there always will be a market for underserved markets, especially since
> >there is no major Spanish signal in the market.
> After the buildout of their new facilities on Sawmill Brook Pahkway,
> won't either WRCA or WUNR, or even both become major signals?
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