Herald: Ch 4 going back to "WBZ" brand

Doug Drown revdoug1@verizon.net
Wed Nov 22 11:28:22 EST 2006

I've often wondered: How did Westinghouse get away with obtaining the old
WJZ call letters when it obtained Channel 13 in Baltimore?  I assume it had
something to do with the company having originally owned WJZ when it was in


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> >>It's a good thing they didn't actually change the call letters, since
> they probably wouldn't have been able to get the old ones back.<<
> As long as they didn't change the call sign on the AM side, yes they
would.  The rule on assignment of call signs (47 CFR §73.3550) contains this
> "f) Only four-letter call signs (plus an LP, FM, TV or CA suffix, if used)
will be assigned. The four letter call sign for LPFM stations will be
followed by the suffix "-LP.'' However, subject to the other provisions of
this section, a call sign of a station may be conformed to a commonly owned
station holding a three-letter call assignment (plus FM, TV, CA or LP
suffixes, if used)."
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