Talk Show people

Bob Nelson
Sat Nov 18 21:30:20 EST 2006

Well, maybe if Franken does step aside and Hartmann inherits his slot
people might be able to check him out (I think he's supposed to be the
heir apparent). Though I checked the WKOX/WXKS site and I guess he's
on weekends.

Laura Ingraham doesn't really yell and scream, though she can be very
passionate about
some issues. She has some funny features (I enjoyed her talk with
Jackie Mason the
other day) and has featured "both sides" of issues (listeners and
guests from the left
side have been on). Some guests who oppose her views on issues have
been co-operative,
though there was a representative from Lawyers Against the War who
refused to answer
her question regarding whether or not we were better off with Saddam
out of power.
After trying to get an answer out of him, he finally hung up and later
called back and
said a curse word to Laura's producer off-air.

That didn't really make his case: a simple yes or no would have been
nice, but being
evasive like that doesn't draw people to your cause.

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