WCRB/WKLB switch Dec 1?

Dan Strassberg dan.strassberg@att.net
Sun Nov 12 15:49:50 EST 2006

Joe Ross wrote:

Yes, I finally heard that once yesterday and once today.  Only that
"Big Changes are coming soon to WKLB," with no explanation of what
they are.  Either they think their audience can't take in the
information of a frequency shift all at once or they are planning
something else.

I wonder whether they plan something else for 102.5 and plan to put
WKLB on the Web and/or on a secondary digital channel.  After all,
there was a reason why they put WKLB on their weakest signal, 99.5,
in the first place.

Don't you get that GM doesn't want people tuning to another frequency three
weeks early? They are afraid of losing the audience.

>From what I hear, WKLB's ratings are EXCELLENT but their billings are not
commensurate. No radio company in its right mind would turn its back on
those audience numbers! What GM wants is for everyone who currently listens
to WKLB on 99.5 and is also in range of 102.5 to keep listening to 99.5
right up to December 1, at which point they want all of those listeners to
switch to 102.5 (and, importantly, to change the presets on their car
radios). I guess that on December 1, WKLB will silently bid farewell to the
relatively small fraction of its audience that lives in the northern reaches
of the 99.5 coverage area, beyond the range of the 102.5 signal. Those
listeners will move to 97.5, which has been WKLB's major New Hampshire
competition ever since the WKLB calls settled at 99.5. (97.5 is the former
WDNH in Durham; I can't remember the current calls; they must end in PQ to
go with the calls on the Mt Washington simulcast--WKPQ? on 103.7, I believe.
In any event, the Durham station has had a country format forever and is
very successful.)


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