Air America on ABC Ad Blacklist

Laurence Glavin
Tue Nov 7 19:10:40 EST 2006

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I've seen this FAIR story before.

However, this is nothing new.

There is a reason this story is sinking into the memory hole.....because
it's not news. There have always been advertisers who have preferred not to
be in any controversial programming.

There are advertisers and agencies who have a "Country" ban...or a "Black
radio" ban.

Some don't want to be on Stern, etc.

The memo (if I understand this situation correctly) in that is referenced is
for ABC stations that might be picking up an AA show.

And advertisers who are buying ABC radio, want their ads running in ABC
programs, not AA programs.

Unless of course you think this is part of Hillary's "vast right-wing



A posting at suggests that the ban may refer
NOT to shows on AirAmerica Radio that are broadcast on ABC affiliates,
but to newscasts that are run on AirAmerica affiliates.
AirAmerica sends down a rather short TOH newscast so some stations
may be running a version of ABC Network news, and the aformentioned
firms are indicating they don't want their sports running there.
This seems short-sighted:  some shows  on AAR are reasonably
successful, especially in places like Portland, OR and 
Seattle.  I thought the purpose of advertising was to 
REACH people.  GEICO and Oreck seem to think so.


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