depetro comments

Don A.
Sun Nov 5 14:37:33 EST 2006

> Dan and I don't always agree, but we are absolutey together on this
> one-- I don't know what the standard is.

Well, you know WRKO has a "zero tolerance" policy....  ;-)

> I've heard Howie Carr and
> Jay Severin on the right and Randi Rhodes and Mike Malloy on the left
> doing all sorts of what sounds to me like name-calling.  Yet some
> people get fired (DePetro) some get warned and suspended (Dennis and
> Callahan) and some get absolutely nothing done to them no matter how
> outrageous they are-- 

It usually has to do with ratings.

Zero tolerance is a funny thing.

If you have ratings (i.e..Howie Carr, D&C, etc ) the level of 'zero
tolerance' is different than for those that do not (Depetro).


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