DePetro fired...

Michael E
Sat Nov 4 22:41:46 EST 2006

I agree, it seems like RKO pulled the trigger rather quickly.  We don't know 
what went on in the offices, nor do we know why the board op was also 
terminated.  It seems, though, that they were in no great hurry to defend 
him or keep him.

With the exception of Howie Carr, I haven't heard others on RKO nudging that 
envelope as far as this guy did.  Even Howie seems to have lines he won't 

The rules in radio seem very fluid as far as what you can or cannot say.  It 
seems it's only when the FCC rules on a case do we have any direction.

>From: Donna Halper <>
>To: "Roger Kirk" <>,        "Daniel Billings" 
>Subject: Re: DePetro fired...
>Date: Sat, 04 Nov 2006 22:03:34 -0500
>>it was said--
>>If Grace Ross really wanted to show "GRACEiousness" and "class" she
>>could have publicly called for DePetro not be fired, but simply 
>>She might have gotten a little more respect from John (maybe?!).  But,
>>I'm sure she's reveling in silencing a perceived enemy.
>Umm, who (or whom) did she silence?  DePetro was fired before they even got 
>a second set of comments from her.  Her first comment was very mild and 
>non-commital.  She didn't get into 'giving a speech' mode till much later.
>Also, I find this entire thing really bizarre.  I am not a fan of 
>hate-speech by anyone, right wing or left wing, and although most of what's 
>on WRKO is from the right, it's pretty consistent.  So getting rid of 
>DePetro when others on the station say similar things just mystifies me.  I 
>wish there were some standard of what is crossing the line.  I wish I knew 
>what the line is.  I wonder if there's more to this story than meets the 
>eye-- maybe they had wanted to get rid of him, as somebody suggested 
>earlier, and this just gave them an excuse.  But it wasn't Grace Ross's 

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