WMEX (was AM stereo WLYN)

Brian Vita
Sun May 28 23:52:11 EDT 2006

Dan Strassberg wrote:

>WROW's (then) owner, Harry L Goldman, decided that the name
>Arnold Friedman just sounded too Jewish for his station. I guess advertisers
>could buy time without ever finding out that the station was owned by a guy
>named Goldman but they had to know that one of the announcers was named
>Friedman. I wonder whether there were any conversations between sales staff
>and advertisers that went something like : "A Jew? at OUR station? Oh, you
>must mean that guy Friedman. No, things just didn't work out with him. He's
Strange but there are still people concerned about the stereotype.  
While slightly off topic but still on the same subject, I had a similar 
situation happen to me during a consulting gig a few years ago.  I was 
down in Queens consulting for two Orthodox Jewish gentlemen who had just 
closed their sweater mill and were considering turning it into an 
entertainment complex which would have included a movie theatre.  Late 
into the afternoon they kind of pigeon holed me into a corner and asked 
me, quite seriously, if I thought it would be a problem for them getting 
into the entertainment business because they were Jews.  I had to 
explain to them it was more difficult for me being a non-Jew.  
Apparently these guys hadn't heard of Speilberg, Louis B Meyer, and the 
other 80% of Hollywood.

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