The History of Rock and Roll

Donna Halper
Sat May 27 21:54:11 EDT 2006

At 09:32 PM 5/27/2006 -0400, Gary's Ice Cream wrote:
>Actually - this is not the original History of Rock & Roll.  This is the
>later remake - the one that Bill Drake himself voiced.  The first one was
>voiced by Robert W Morgan and Harble Harve - they did individual hours.  The
>Boston version was voiced by Frank Kingston Smith

Ah okay-- it all comes back to me now.  I used to work with Frank Kingston 
Smith (when he was "Bobby Mitchell")-- I answered the Hitline during his 
show.  And yeah, it was Robert W. Morgan whose name I couldn't think 
of...that's the one I recall listening to.

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