Spring Arbs Shockers

Laurence Glavin lglavin@lycos.com
Thu May 25 18:10:10 EDT 2006

When John Silber ran for Governator of Massachusetts, some of his 
more outrageous comments were described by the Boston Herald as "Silber Shockers".
The Spring Arbitrons(tm) have just been released and they contain two

(1) The disappearance of WILD-AM.  Their current menu of local and
bird-fed talk shows has captured the imagination of NO BODY.  Since there's
too much of interest on-the-air in morning drive, I've only sampled Jimmy
Myer's show one or twice, and he is forced to read from newspapers because
the callers aren't there.  Al Sharpton's show in afternoon drive is
unlistenable.  And WILD-AM's "sound quality" seems more dimished by the
IBOC transmission than WBZ-AM, WXKS-AM or WMKI on my car radio at least.

(2) The appearance after a long hiatus of Harvard's WHRB.  I don't know
the timespan of this Arbitrend, but some of it may have coincided with
the WHRB Orgies(tm)in general, and the Mozart Orgy that ran from early 
to mid-May.

The addition of nationally-syndicated cementhead Sean Hannity did nothing to
lift WTTT-AM 1150 from below the radar.
Switching to sports similarly deflated the rating fortunes of WAMG-AM 890,
now dwelling in WWZN-land.
I wonder if it's law of the Universe that radio stations putuatively 
undergoing, or expected to undergo format changes, achieve some of their
best numbers.   For whatever the 'Trends number means, WCRB got its best
12-and-over number in a while.  One possible cause for the uptick, after
last October's monsoons (hey is New England turning into India?) the 
old WCRB antenna was blown away, and Charles River had to install new
transmitting equipment, including HD which does not hurt FM.


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