Affiliation agreements?

Doug Drown
Sun May 14 17:37:14 EDT 2006

Dan said: \\There is signal overlap among many more than two of the Red Sox
network affiliates and I thought that, as long as two affiliates weren't
licensed to the same
community, the standard affiliate agreement posed no problems . . .//

Speaking not of the Sox Network in particular, but of networks in general:
just what does a standard affiliate agreement constitute in terms of CoL and
overlap?  Until recently, two stations in Bangor --- WZON (AM) and WVOM (FM)
(not co-owned) were carrying identical ABC hourly newscasts.  WVOM has
recently joined Fox, and its sister AM station, WABI, carries the same
newscasts.  Whatever the "rules" are, there must be exceptions.  What are


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