Just plain Todd on WRKO ("Taste" gone)

Dan Strassberg dan.strassberg@att.net
Thu May 11 10:33:41 EDT 2006

I've heard that the show is brokered time. If so, wouldn't that make
Feinburg the show's "independent producer?" And if so, wouldn't he, or an
employee of his (not of Entercom) be responsible for booking the guests?

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> "Bob Nelson" wrote:
> >The Taste of Boston on WRKO is now simply the Todd Feinburg show. A
> >look at the WRKO page showing what topics were discussed: New Bedford
> >schools; minorities in the US;
> >"Philosopher's Cafe", and medical malpractice. Just as "Boston This
> >Morning" suddenly morphed into "Scott Allen Miller Show", "Taste" has
> >been modified...
> This is a slow process.  Anthony "Pic" Picarelli (sp?) just disappeared
about 3 weeks ago.  No mention, nada.  The "live" reports from a female
"lifestyle reporter" at various clubs, et al also disappeared.  Although,
I'm not surprised.  She wasn't very effective and seemed uncomfortable in
the role despite some "at times obvious" verbal on-air coaching from Todd.
> The magazine format and the :00 :20 :40 breaks call for 3 guests/segments
per hour and I think that lining up that number of guests per week is a
chore.  It's almost as if Todd is responsible for all aspects of his show -
guest procurement included.  Anybody have any inside info?

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