WWZN and Kinstar antennas

Dan Strassberg dan.strassberg@att.net
Tue May 9 17:57:22 EDT 2006

If you look at how close everybody is to everybody else in the Jersay
Meadowlands, the proximity of WWZN and WTTT doesn't seem unusual.
However, proximity to WWZN may have caused (and may still be
causing) fits for WAZN. I know that there were problems with
detuning the ex-100.7 tower at the WTTT site, and I'm not sure
whether WAZN has yet received a license to cover. The detuning
problem may or may not be related to WWZN. For sure, the FM tower
HAS to be detuned at 1470 because it's in the near field of the
WTTT/WAZN towers and if not detuned, it would totally mess up the
WTTT and WAZN patterns. I don't know whether the FM tower needs to
be detuned at 1510 but I can say that for several months, 1510 was
about as loud as or louder than 1470 when I was tiuned to 1470. Of
course, 1470 is only 40 kHz from 1510, but then 1010 and 1050 in New
York are also 40 kHz apart and are probably about as close. And both
of those stations are 50 kW directional 24/7. Also a 40 kHz difference at
1510 can be more challenging than a 40-kHz difference at 1050. The frequency
difference as a percentage of the carrier frequency is 3.8% at the lower
frequency but only 2.6% at the higher one, so the problem is almost 50% more

On my Super Radio III, 1510 causes an image with 1470 that totally wipes out
1430 a lot of the time. This seems to be a problem with the Super Radio's
tuned RF stage overloading because I haven't detected the problem on radios
that have no TRF stage. Even on my car radio, which does have a TRF stage,
the problem is not as bad as on the Super Radio. The car radio must have
more headroom.

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> > There's a couple of decent-sized woods/fields less than a mile
> > from the current WWZN site...one over by Bentley College and
> > another by that old military installation. If directional use for the
> > Kinstar system is approved, I'd wager 1510 could finagle a lease
> > that's a lot more financially attractive at one of those places.
> > The "towers" probably would be completely hidden by the trees.
> Those sites would be very close to the WTTT 1150 site at the
> Lexington/Waltham/Belmont town lines. Though 1150 is not near
> 1510 on the dial, I don't know if there would be any problem with
> having those sites that close together. I guess Dan would have to
> answer that one.
> EP

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