Globe: Some '07 Sox games on WEEI

Bob Nelson
Tue May 9 15:15:27 EDT 2006

"Red Sox fans who want to hear all of the games on the radio next
season will have to switch between the Sox's new home, WRKO-AM, and
Boston's dominant sports station, WEEI-AM."

"WEEI, the Sox's current flagship, will keep roughly 30 games next
season -- all Friday night games, as well as weekday afternoon games
-- while WRKO will take the rest. WRKO will air pre and postgame
shows, but WEEI will continue to take calls from fans and host its
exclusive interviews"

Whither Howie? "One small change: WRKO may stop Boston Herald
columnist Howie Carr's show at 6:30 p.m., instead of 7, to make way
for the Red Sox." I don't know if this means that Howie will do the
show until 7 pm
on a handful of affiliates, but WRKO will break free for the pre-game,
or that the show will simply end at
6:30. Maybe WRKO will do the latter, and the last half hour will be a
rebroadcast of bits from earlier in the day for those who missed them

I don't know if the Sox season will open at home or on the road, but
if it's the latter, it means that Opening Day and _Home_ Opening Day
games would probably be on WEEI. Or maybe both, who knows?

Spring training: there's a limited amount a games on radio, some of
which are at 1 pm. That would be WEEI.

Kind of like what happened last yr or the year before in Philly--the
splitting of games. WPHT had some kind of Sinatra show Friday nights,
so Phillies games on Friday nights when to WIP instead.

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