WMEX 50 KW DA days

Dan Strassberg
Sun May 7 13:16:34 EDT 2006

I don't think Garabedian was ever CE of WMEX. In fact, I don't think
Garbedian is an engineer at all, although he became quite knowlegeable about
engineering issues as a result of all the work he personally did related to
planning and building WGTR 1060 and later increasing its power and putting
it on at night. The latter effort proved to be an exercise in futility for
Garabedian and he lost interest and sold the station. It took 25 years and a
succession of owners before Alex Langer brought in the right people and
solved the technical problems.

AFAIK, the CE of WMEX was a fellow from New Bedford or Fall River named Ed
Juaire. Ed was also CE of WSAR, IIRC.

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> At the old Quincy site WMEX was 50 kW days and 5 kW nights. Some
> years ago I discussed the Quincy array with John H. Garabedian (now
> host of the sat program Open House Party), who was, from 1969 to 1971
> IIRC, afternoon drive jock, Program Director and Chief Engineer at WMEX.
> Dale H. Cook, Chief Engineer, Centennial Broadcasting,
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