Soxless Boss

Garrett Wollman
Sat May 6 00:29:16 EDT 2006

<<On Sat, 06 May 2006 00:09:08 -0400, "A. Joseph Ross" <> said:

> Construction is finally under way for moving the 1200 signal?  I 
> thought it was tied up in local zoning disputes.

Absolutely.  The current order of business, as explained to me by
Grady Moates, is:

1) Move WUNR transmitter to a portable storage container behind the

2) Completely gut the building.

3) Construct five new (unpainted, unlit) towers.

4) Install three new transmitters (all BE 4MX25s) and their associated
phasors, combiners, and dummy loads.

5) Drop the two old towers.

6) Proof the three new facilities (1200, 1330, and 1600).

7) Haul away the old transmitter and the temporary container.


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