Soxless Boss

Rob Trovato
Fri May 5 19:37:04 EDT 2006

--- Doug Drown <> wrote:

> I've sometimes wondered why Westinghouse sold
> WBZ-FM.  They did it just as
> FM was coming into the fore.  Seems
> counterproductive in hindsight.  Does
> anyone know?

"...because we're an AM company!"  All of our big
money makers are big 50kw full-service stations. 
Thats the way it is....and thats the way it's always
gonna be!"

I've heard that quote from Westinghouse a few times
when they were selling off all their FM's.  (BTW...The
sold KDKA-FM and some other FM's at the time as well
as BZ-FM.)

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