Soxless Boss

Bob Nelson
Fri May 5 14:43:37 EDT 2006

Next spring training if it indeed is WRKO and not WEEI that
broadcasts the Sox (assuming they're solid about that):

--will Celts still be on 'RKO or will they move to 'EEI?
Possible they'll be on 'RKO but would be bumped to 850
when there's a conflict.

--Many Red Sox games start at 7, with pre-games at 6:25 or
so. More cuts into Howie's show--and maybe even some pre-emptions for
the rare weekday day game

--What will 'RKO have when the Sox aren't on? Taste of Boston?
Or maybe a syndie show...I'd say sports talk but they probably are
leaving that to WEEI.

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