Howie, Blute on WCRN as of Monday

Dan Strassberg
Thu May 4 14:26:57 EDT 2006

Well, WCRN may come in better at night in Marlborough and Framingham than
WRKO does but unless/until WCRN gets its 50 kW night signal built out and on
the air, WRKO must have the better signal at least from Wellesley east, if
not from Natick east. WCRN also suffers from phasing during critical hours,
which can make the signal unpleasant to listen to at times, if not outright
unlistenable. That problem occurs during daylight hours inside of 128. I've
wondered if WCRN didn't rip up part of its ground system in expectation of
constructing the fourth tower only to be stopped in its tracks by the town
of Leicester. Rumor had it that the steel was on the ground awaiting the
building permit when the town balked (which is curious because the FCC had
issued the CP almost three years earlier). Cutting ground radials on the
eastern tower could be causing increased high-angle radiation and would
explain the phasing and daytime-skywave problems, which seemed to get worse
a year or 18 months ago. It may be my imagination, but I think the daytime
signal got weaker at about the same time. That, too, would be consistent
with my theory.

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> True oldies will be truly gone from WCRN in Worcester as of Monday.
> New lineup includes
> former WRKO morning guy (and Congressman) Peter Blute...also syndie
> Carr, Laura Ingraham, Michael Savage and I think Lionel as well.
> Carr fans will appreciate this especially at times of year when local
> sunset is early and
> WRKO quickly fades away.
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