What station was Clemens' first 20-K game on?

Tony Abruzzese abruzzese@biochem.bumc.bu.edu
Mon May 1 09:08:11 EDT 2006

On 5/1/06 12:59 AM, Scott Fybush wrote:
> Howard Glazer wrote:
>> Dan Shaughnessy wrote a retrospective on Roger Clemens' April 29, 1986,
>> 20-strikeout game in Saturday's Globe. In it, he mentions that the game
>> wasn't carried on "AM radio" (no call letters) because the Celtics had
>> priority and instead was carried on "FM" (again, no call letters). The
>> AM, I recall, was WRKO, but I have no idea which FM the game wound up
>> on.
>> I remember occasional games being carried on 94.5 in the late '60s or
>> early '70s, and on 107.9 later on, but that was during 107.9's days as
>> WWEL, not as WXKS-FM. What FM was 'RKO's backup in the mid-'80s?
> I'm guessing they would have gone to 98.5 WROR, but that's purely a 
> hunch...
> s
Wasn't the flagship WPLM-FM with WRKO an affiliate of the Campbell 
Sports Network in 1986?

I was living in Leominster, at the time, and spending a lot of time at 
the Cape, so my Red Sox listening was on WEIM (rarely) at home and WPLM 
at the Cape.


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