What station was Clemens' first 20-K game on?

Donna Halper dlh@donnahalper.com
Mon May 1 04:42:00 EDT 2006

>Howard Glazer wrote:
>>Dan Shaughnessy wrote a retrospective on Roger Clemens' April 29, 1986,
>>20-strikeout game in Saturday's Globe. In it, he mentions that the game
>>wasn't carried on "AM radio" (no call letters) because the Celtics had
>>priority and instead was carried on "FM" (again, no call letters).

I am checking further in my files, but yes it's true-- the Celtics did in 
fact have the majority of the public's attention; according to the 
newspapers, Fenway Park was only about a third full that night in late 
April-- most people were over at the Garden watching Larry Byrd (those were 
the days...).

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