new era at WESX, WJDA?

Bob Nelson
Mon May 1 00:05:58 EDT 2006

It's midnight on what is now Monday May 1, and I'm taping WESX...a
post on this list by Roger Kola said that this is when the new
owners/LMA takes effect--and new programming could be rolling out
right now (midnight) or maybe later today.

Actually right now (11:57) on WESX it sounds like Spanish language
music, with more than a few references to "Christo" (and I don't mean
a GM at WBUR...) Supposed to be religious/
ethnic, right? And perhaps new call letters, maybe for sister station
WJDA too. We don't
know if they'll be able to move the transmitter closer to Boston but
supposedly they're to
broadcast from new quarters in Chelsea, with what they hope is a sale
of the Marblehead
studios and transmitter property. (But maybe they'll have to keep the
M'head stick,
at least for now?)

11:59--another song started. And another at 12:03...we'll have to see
cuándo la identificación legal viene.

I don't know if WESX was running Spanish stuff on Sunday nights
before, so maybe the launch already came? Not sure when they stopped
playing Unforgettable Favorites. (And there was a taped newscast with
Len "DJ Len" Wennerberg just after 5 pm Sunday...

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