New England classical stations

Laurence Glavin
Sat Mar 25 14:48:11 EST 2006

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> > On the page of "HD2 Radio Formats Now on the Air or Coming Son" 
> > it lists classical for WTKK 96.9-2.  Does anyone know anything 
> > about this?
> I can verify that WTKK is indeed running classical on it's HD-2 channel!
> And Magic 106.7's HD-2 channel is playing Jazz.
> Is the councilor going to purchase an HD radio for the office?

After a perusal of 96.9 FM's website, I don't see a programming
page for WTKK-2.  If I had an HD radio/tuner, I'd want to know 
what the "classical" channel was broadcasting in the future...
WCRB used to do this but it was of no value because the
fare was so banal and predictable, it didn't matter what was
scheduled. By the way, my WGBH-TV/WGBX-TV/WGBH-FM and repeaters
Program Guide came in the mail today, and the cover story is
about April being "Classical Music Month" on WGBH-FM.
If this was true a year ago, it was only a few weeks later
that WGBH-FM cancelled 9 hours of classical music programming every
week.  If and when the severely watered-down, dumbed-down 
"classical music" programming disappears from the 102.5 dial
spot, WGBH-FM may be under some pressure to restore at least
this programming and add the Saturday night live broadcasts
of the Boston Symphony Orchestra.  They will proably
retain the weeknight jazz programming, but the stuff they air
after "Prairie Home Companion" on Saturdays doesn't have much
of a constituency and could easily be discarded.  There was a
footnote to the article in the 'GBH Program Guide about "Classical
Music Month"...they too will add a classical HD chanel to 89.7, so
we could wind up having classical music of some sort on WGBH-HD2,
WTKK-HD2 and the second HD channel of 102.5.  This could be like the
1960's when classical music, almost all of it programmed tastefully
and intelligently, was available on WGBH-FM, WXHR-FM (96.9), 
WCRB AM&FM,and WBCN; (WBZ-FM 106.7 was weird...murky-sounding
classical pragramming on reel-to-reel tapeswith no annoumcers
and no way of identifying what was being played). 


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