Cape Cod Stations (was:Re: Alan Douglas?)

Paul B. Currier
Thu Mar 23 15:53:24 EST 2006

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> >In Nassua's quest for a younger audience they are missing one point, the
> >average age on the Cape is
> >old.  IIRC, Barnstable County is the oldest in the country.  60-70-80
> >olders are not listening to
> >1980 hits.  Both WQRC and WOCN play a lot of old stuff with some that
> >be at home on a
> >"Music of Your LIfe" format.
> You probably haven't heard these stations lately, because they did used to
> be like that. WQRC is now almost a Hot AC, playing many of the same songs
> WCOD. They are closer to Hot AC than WMJX. WOCN is softer than WQRC, but
> they no longer play the traditional Soft AC/standards. WPLM is
> than WOCN.

You hit the nail on the head Jeff.  Greg Bone's QRC & OCN are very busy
telling us that they play the best music on Cape Cod or some such promo
drivel.  He's told me that OCN is now in my demographic and they are now
playing what I like (since Dick Golden and the older format were dumped).
What the stations are playing mostly is stuff that I didn't like the first
time around.  Am I supposed to like it now????

> Just like with 101.1/93.5, if anyone wants to hear an hour or so scoped
> of them, just let me know.
> Jeff Lehmann
> Hanson, MA

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