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Thu Mar 23 01:05:13 EST 2006

On 22 Mar 2006 at 7:12, Dan Strassberg wrote:

> The 3-minute (or so) TOH newscasts on WKOXKS come from AAR. The 60-sec
> headlines at the bottom of the hour (just barely) carry CCU's own
> brand. My understanding is that these are produced for CCU by Fox. If
> that is true, this is one Fox activity that is actually pretty much
> "fair and balanced." If so, I didn't know that Fox had the wherewithal
> to produce any sort of news that could meet even the most perfunctory
> test for objectivity.

I haven't noticed headlines on the half hour.  Most of the time the 
show seems to go through the half-hour mark.  I'll have to pay more 

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