Alan Douglas?

Paul B. Currier
Wed Mar 22 07:57:04 EST 2006

HI Donna,

IN our phone book we have Alan S. Douglas, 409 Barlows Landing Road,
Pocasset 02559;  phone 508-563-6678.  I hope he is the one.

And, two of our local low power stations that broadcast as one have switched
from automated oldies to automated "Frank FM".   They are now know as WFRQ &
WFQR.   The article is in the Cape Cod Times today and may be online at
capecod  Scott Fybush has also been quoted in the article saying
that they are focusing on 70's & 80's hits.   Ho hum (for radio, not Scott).

Sandwich Cape Cod

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> Do any of you have a phone or an e-mail for Alan Douglas, the guy who is
> expert on engineering history and collects old radios and old
> equipment?  He lives in Pocasset (Cape Cod) and writes a lot of radio
> history articles from the engineering perspective.

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