Herald Inside Track: Might Sox buy 99.5?

R Trovato xtrovato@yahoo.com
Wed Mar 15 16:22:10 EST 2006

From: "Bob Nelson"

> WEEI hopes the Red Sox will agree to another deal with them, but "WEEI
> (is) balking at the pricetag". Meantime, an interesting possibility:
> If/when Greater Media gets the WCRB
> deal approved, moving country to that freq., they could then turn
> around and sell WKLB
> to the 2004 World Champions. (Who could then put the games there and maybe
> ESPN or Sporting News programming to fill the rest of the broadcast
> WSOX-FM 99.5 anyone?

WKLB and WPLM's signal together would cover the area quite well!




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