Herald Inside Track: Might Sox buy 99.5?

Dan Strassberg dan.strassberg@att.net
Wed Mar 15 16:22:42 EST 2006

That kind of speculation will drive you nuts! How's this? The Sox buy 99.5
and then buy JSports (to get ESPN) and make Jessamy Tang presdent of Sox
broadcast operations. She sells off WLLH to Costa, who flips it back to
Spanish. And the folks south of Boston STLL can't get a decent signal for
the Sox games on AM or FM, which leads to the Sox buying WBET. I think this
sort of rank conjecture should make Mr Gallant jealous--if he still reads
this list, which I don't think he does. Shades of the old WEEI 590 under
Celtics ownership.

Now if Entercom can't come to terms with the Red Sox, what becomes of WEEI?
Do the Celts move there from WRKO? When does the Bruins' contract with
Inf--err--CBS run out?

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> http://thetrack.bostonherald.com/moreTrack/view.bg?articleid=130535
> WEEI hopes the Red Sox will agree to another deal with them, but "WEEI
> (is) balking at the pricetag". Meantime, an interesting possibility:
> If/when Greater Media gets the WCRB
> deal approved, moving country to that freq., they could then turn
> around and sell WKLB
> to the 2004 World Champions. (Who could then put the games there and maybe
> ESPN or Sporting News programming to fill the rest of the broadcast
> WSOX-FM 99.5 anyone?

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