Thanks for all at my 25th On-Air Anniversary!

Bob Nelson
Sun Mar 12 19:51:28 EST 2006

Thanks to all who helped out at, or listened to, my 25th Anniversary on WMWM
today! It was a marathon 9 hour broadcast with about 5 hours of live music
from the Underground, just down the hall from the WMWM studios.

An excerpt of the live music can be found (Lisa Marie & All Shook Up)
at (for now)

Thanks to people who either stopped by or called in, among them:

Holly Harris--WBOS
Greg Sarni-- WBRS
Tai--WFNX, WZLX etc.
Various WMWM DJs including Shaun Hayes, Tim Cullinane, Dave from Uncle
Henry's, Johnny Jiminez, Henry Bellows, Peter Cahill, Brian Vita (who
engineered it)
John Hall/NE Blues Society

and the bands
Lisa Marie and All Shook Up
The Soul Band
Sweet Loretta's Snake Oil Jug Band

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