Pet Peeves

Doug Drown
Sun Mar 12 15:26:57 EST 2006

I'm reminded of the late William Pearce, the announcer for WGBH who was best
known for hosting the BSO and Boston Pops broadcasts.  He had a wonderful
distinguished Cantabrigian accent, but it was actually derived from his
upbringing in Hebron, Maine.  His original aspiration was to become a
Baptist minister.  I would have loved to have heard him preach!


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> While we're on the subject of "nor'easters" that should be
> I'm curious as to how many New England radio and TV personalities still
> maintain a regional accent.  Eddie Andelman comes to mind, Howie Carr (who
> lets a dropped "r" slip through now and then), and Don Kent.  Any others?
> used to be common.
> -Doug
The overnight guy at WGBH-FM (their eqivalent of WBUR's Eli Polonsky)
makes Slim Pickens sound like James Bond.


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