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John Mullaney
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Ed Haaahding on Ch5's EyeOphnaah

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> I'm curious as to how many New England radio and TV personalities 
> still maintain a regional accent.  Eddie Andelman comes to mind, Howie 
> Carr (who lets a dropped "r" slip through now and then), and Don Kent.  
> Any others? It used to be common.

Does Howie Carr really count?  He's really a columnist who happens to be on
the radio...  Plz correct me if I am wrong about this.

Even tho he no longer works, everybody's favorite TV star engineer Marty
A(or is it E??) has always had that accent.  Again, on air work not his
primary job.

I am pretty certain that there's at least one jock on WBLM who has
maintained the accent....

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