Pet Peeves

Bill O'Neill
Sat Mar 11 19:51:01 EST 2006

Roger Kolakowski wrote:
> What is the difference between partly cloudy skies and partly sunny skies?
> 50% coverage?
Former WBCN afternoon drive job Marc Parenteau: "It's colder than a 
ba$&%^) out there right now. Tomorrow's going to be better. Friday might 
s###."  As unorthodox as it may have been, I could always remember what 
was the deal for the next couple of days.

And as for projected temperatures, "around 40" always made more sense 
than "37 to 42 degrees." Give me a break. It's bad enough we didn't make 
the hop to the more logical and user-friendly Celcius. Zero to 10, 
really chilly. 10-20 decent. Light jacket or sweater. 20-30 is nice. 
Over 30 is hot.  In the early 80s, we used to give F & C temperatures as 
it was anticipated that Celcius would take over as the new standard. 
Seems like we never gave it the shot it deserved. Chilly reception.

Bill O'Neill, Fareinheit.  That's BON, in Celcius.

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