Pet Peeves

Paul Anderson
Sat Mar 11 16:29:45 EST 2006

Pet peeves?  Mine is "here's the forecast for your Thursday".

Huh?  MY Thursday?  I didn't know I owned a day.  Why don't they just  
say "here's the forecast for Thursday"?  The "my" is superfluous and  

The Weather Channel uses this a lot.

Another pet peeve is the abundance of winter weather haters on the  
air.  Sometimes even the weather person gets involved in the "wow  
this sure has been a terrible winter" or "can't wait till spring"  
crap.  It's especially annoying this year when there hasn't been much  
of a winter--they're still complaining about it even though January  
was the warmest on record and the rest of the winter hasn't been much  


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