Herald article on lack of women in talk radio

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Thu Mar 9 17:17:19 EST 2006

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> How would listeners react to a Michelle Savage?  or a Rhonda Limbaugh?
> Will audiences accept women doing the same talk shtick offered by 
> today's male talkmeisters?  Or would they have to adopt their own 
> brand of talk?  Will there be a double standard?
> I'd really hate to see an unspoken expectation that just because 
> they're women, they have to play the sexy seductress card to be 
> accepted?
> My $0.02 worth of questions.
> Comments, retorts, brickbats?
I took Monday off to have a little work done on my humble chariot.
While it was in the shop, I returned home to catch the second
hour of Rachel Madow on Air America and the WHOLE three hours of
Stephanie Miller (I even got through the call-in # and the screener
to talk to Steph in the flesh) and would gladly have enjoyed 
listening to Randi Rhodes if she were on WXKS/WKOX.  So I'm
perfectly comfortable with female voices doing commentary (Rachel)
and schtick (Steph).


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