Herald article on lack of women in talk radio

rogerkirk rogerkirk@mail.ttlc.net
Thu Mar 9 16:38:36 EST 2006

How would listeners react to a Michelle Savage?  or a Rhonda Limbaugh?

Will audiences accept women doing the same talk shtick offered by today's male talkmeisters?  Or would they have to adopt their own brand of talk?  Will there be a double standard?

I'd really hate to see an unspoken expectation that just because they're women, they have to play the sexy seductress card to be accepted?  

My $0.02 worth of questions.

Comments, retorts, brickbats?

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From: "Bob Nelson" <raccoonradio@gmail.com>
Date:  Thu, 9 Mar 2006 16:21:05 -0500

>"Talk radio may be the final holdout, the last media arena to become
>populated by women. If you exclude a few syndicated female voices
>originating in other cities, WTKK-FM (96.9) talker (and Herald
>columnist) Margery Eagan is it for major Boston stations. Some say
>it's time for that to change.
>Julie Kahn, market manager for Boston's Entercom-owned stations
>including WRKO and WEEI-AM (850), says she was taught somewhere along
>the line that listeners, including women, want to hear male voices.
>But Kahn says that's an antiquated idea.
>Entercom is conducting focus groups and other research on WRKO. While
>it's early in the process, Kahn says the station ''might find an
>appetite" for a female voice. ''We absolutely would be open to that
>kind of thing."

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