Transcription record question

John J. Francini
Tue Mar 7 10:16:22 EST 2006

But if it really is a 16" transcription record he's trying to play, 
the laser player won't work.  He'll need a transcription turntable, 
such as the KAB Transcriber II described on the site. 
Equipped with a 16" platter, and also featuring a built-in preamp, 
it's a bit pricey at $529.  However, it might do the job.

One thing about the preamp -- if I recall correctly, the RIAA 
equalization curve was developed for the LP record; there were either 
different curves (or none at all) for other record types. It's 
unclear if the included preamp includes switchable equalization 


At 8:48 -0500 3/7/06, Brian Vita wrote:
>>>>I have an transcription record from 1938 (supposedly from WB that
>>has some Carl >>Stalling elements as well as Mel Blanc voices on it),
>>and was looking for someone who >>might have the "proper" equipment to
>>play (and record) it. I suppose i could do it, but >>would rather have
>>"the right tools for the right job," and perhaps someone with a little
>>>>more knowledge handling it.
>Here's the device that you want:
>Actually, I've heard bad things about the company but the concept is 
>kind of cool.
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