Bootleg FM station East Corinth Maine

Brian Vita
Tue Mar 7 08:28:26 EST 2006

A. Joseph Ross wrote:

>On 7 Mar 2006 at 1:58, Brian Vita wrote:
>>Some of the early ones were built to go on your dash.  Since most car
>>radios don't have "line in" inputs, this was a way of getting a signal
>>into your car stereo.  You'd turn the sat radio on then turn your car
>>radio onto 88.1 or thereabouts.
>Well, I can understand that, though I'd think that would require only 
>a fairly weak signal.  The only experience I've had with such add-ons 
>was an FM tuner that I bought back in the early 1980s for my 1970 
>Dodge Dart.  It didn't have a transmitter, it had a plug that went 
>into the antenna jack on the car radio, and it had another plug into 
>which the car antenna was to be plugged.  I gather that is no longer 
>an option with satellite radios?
Ever try to get to the back of one of the new car radios?  The new car 
dash boards are extremely difficult to get into.  Most folks wouldn't be 
bothered and would take a pass on the radio.


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