Bootleg FM station

John Bolduc
Mon Mar 6 13:57:10 EST 2006

I have my fire/police scanner attached to one of those micro-powered FM
transmitters so I can listen while working out in the yard. Transmission
distance is extremely short until you unravel the antenna wire buried
inside the audio cable. At that point you can clearly hear my
re-transmissions a wopping 5 houses away. My model will do 88.1 to 107.9
in 0.1 MHz increments. It also has an auto on/auto off feature with a 1
minute timeout.

Sounds like perhaps somebody might have done some genuine modification to
their micro-powered transmitter. The internet lists some modifications
with extraordinary claims up to three mile radius coverage area. Even the
modest mods claim 1/2 mile coverage. 

John B

--- Richard Gallison <> wrote:

> Was doing another FM bandscan today while waiting in a
> parking lot. Heard an FM stereo station on 88.3 very
> strong. It was rebroadcasting satellite programming. I
> drove around to determine station location and was
> surprised to find that the parking lot I was waiting
> in was probably within 1/10 mile of transmitting site.
> The bootlegger has footprint of approx 1/2 mile in
> radius. I couldnt see any antennas on any of the
> homes. Area of reception centered near Corinth Family
> Medical Practice on Rt 15 East Corinth Maine. 
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