Air America in Boston

Donna Halper
Mon Jun 26 00:41:03 EDT 2006

According to Talkers magazine, the Ed Schultz Show is now in the top 10-- 
Ed has nearly 100 affiliates and has a weekly cume of over 2.25 million, 
which is what the much better known Don Imus and Kim Komando have...  Ed 
isn't AAR (he's Jones, but he's on a lot of AAR stations.)  As I said, and 
I am NOT making excuses for them-- in Boston, as in a number of other 
cities, AAR affiliates are still on weak signals with minimal 
promotion.  But AAR is holding at 88 affiliates and Mike Harrison of 
Talkers said in an interview with the Atlanta Journal Constitution that the 
format seems to be slowly and steadily gaining strength in a number of 
markets.  However, until they get a signal  that covers Boston, I don't 
expect much in the way of ratings-- they've been getting about a .04 or .05 
in the book when they have to go to their night pattern around 5pm.     

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