FM Reception

Roger Kolakowski
Sat Jun 24 13:32:14 EDT 2006

I am one of the remaining people in New England who gets his TV signals off
of a big rotatable yagi on the the last several weeks, I've
noticed "herringbone" patterns on some of the local VHF signals which
usually indicates "ducting" or "skip."

As the TV channels here in Boston bracket the FM band, such conditions would
also exist on FM Broadcast making things "weird" as the FM "capture" effect
tries to take over.

BTW, I can report that I receive 20 "watchable" channels from on the air TV,
although I sure wish the Spanish formats would have English subtitles!  ;-)


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> Good question as I recently experienced a similar problem.  WOMR FM 92.1
> Provincetown is always loud and clear while I listen as I'm driving up the
> South Shore.  It remains so into Marshfield.  Last Sunday around mid-day
> there was irritating interference - which became overtaking - with the
> signal starting in Plymouth.  Have conditions been unsettled recently?
> Paul
> Sandwich
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> > While driving around today in the Augusta area, I had problems picking
> > more distant FM stations that I can usually listen to in that area like
> > and WPOR.  At one point, even WBLM was coming in poorly.  I could get
> > local stations without a problem.  Is the problem with my car radio?
> >
> > -- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine
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