WBZ-AM "clock" deliberately running slowly?

John Francini francini@mac.com
Mon Jun 19 15:38:22 EDT 2006

Is WBZ-AM's "clock" deliberately running a minute or two slow?

I'm asking because I often will turn to WBZ while driving at exactly  
3 past the hour, or exactly 10 past the hour, looking for either  
traffic or weather information, and will usually have to spend  
upwards of one to two minutes waiting for the specific info, before  
tuning back to wherever I came from.

It almost seems as though they're deliberately 'running slow' to  
ensure you hear more commercials or some such.

It's bad enough that their news is highly "pelletized" anyway -- you  
get a pellet of news, a pellet of commercial, another pellet of news,  
maybe even a second pellet, a commercial, a pellet of weather, etc.,  
without the additional irritant of their running late...


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