Top 40 competitors

A. Joseph Ross
Sat Jun 17 00:52:06 EDT 2006

On 16 Jun 2006 at 17:31, Doug Drown wrote:

> What about WBZ and WMEX, in the pre-WRKO days?  WBZ was always the big
> Top 40 station in eastern New England when I was growing up, but did
> 'MEX give it much competition in the Boston metro area? (We never
> could get 'MEX out near Fitchburg.)

I had trouble getting WMEX in my section of Bedford.  As I recall, 
when I was in law school, I would have WMEX on the car radio as I was 
driving home, and the signal would suddenly fade as I turned off the 
main road to my neighborhood. 

What about WCOP in its days as a top-40 station?  While it was the 
station we all listened to in Bedford, I assume it dropped the format 
because wasn't doing well with it.

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