Top 40 competitors

Doug Drown
Fri Jun 16 17:31:02 EDT 2006

What about WBZ and WMEX, in the pre-WRKO days?  WBZ was always the big Top
40 station in eastern New England when I was growing up, but did 'MEX give
it much competition in the Boston metro area?
(We never could get 'MEX out near Fitchburg.)


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> On 6/16/06, Roger Kolakowski <> wrote:
> > Springfield was almost a "Hartford / Springfield" market as I remember
> > with WHYN winning South of the city...
> WHYN dominated all competitors in Springfield, and not a bad signal in
> Hartford.  WACE, WTXL and WSPR were all Top 40 at one point in the
> 60's.  In the seventies, WAQY-FM mounted an offensive.  They were
> unsuccessful as well.
> Rick Kelly

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