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I never heard the Albany-Schenectady-Troy area referred to as the quad
cities (I went to college there from '52 to '56) and I too have no idea what
city would be the fourth one. I don't know the current population of Albany,
Schenectady, or Troy, but in the 50s, Albany was about 140,000, Schenectady
about 92,000, and Troy about 70,000. At that time, I dont think any other
community in the market had a population of more than 30,000, and it
wouldn't surprise me if that number were not 30,000 but more like 20,000. My
guess is that today, the population of all three cities, like that of other
major cities in upstate NY, has declined dramatically. (Buffalo's population
has apparently dropped by 50% in the past 50 years.) The metro-area
population has probably not declined as much as the population of the three
cities, though, so maybe some community in the market (Latham?) has
overtaken Schenectady or Troy. The state government's presence probably
more-or-less sustains the population of Albany.

Or maybe a station whose COL is one of the suburbs just decided to elevate
the status of its COL.

I always thought that the Quad Cities were Rock Island/Moline IL and
Davenport/Bettendorf IA.

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> On 15 Jun 2006 at 21:22, rogerkirk wrote:
> > IIRC, WPTR referred to the "Quad-Cities" area.
> >
> > Did one of the four - drop out?
> I always remember it being called the "Tri-City Area" when I lived
> there in the early 1950s.  I wonder what they count as the fourth
> city.
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